Our Mission

We are living in exciting times

Times of endless opportunity, but also times of increasing responsibility. We must start treating our Planet better. For the sake of all life on Earth. That is what Primal Soles is about.


At the end of the product life cycle just hit the Recycle tab on our home screen and fill out your details. If you joined the Subscribe & Recycle program you will automatically be able to return with every new delivery.

Our Footprint

The world's most generous tree

No harm is done by harvesting cork bark from the cork oak tree, the Quercus suber. In fact, by removing the bark every natural cycle (nine years) it increases CO2 absorption while aiding the regenerative capabilities of the tree. No other tree has given so much while taking so little.

The Cork Oak Forests

The cork oak forests are living ambassadors of sustainability and a driving force of sustainable development. They play a crucial role in the world’s ecological balance, fighting climate change and desertification, and sustaining biodiversity. Over 200 animal species and 135 plant species find their preferred habitat in the cork oak forests.


Who We Are

Our Story

PRIMAL Soles promotes movement, travel, exploration, progress, the primal urge deep inside all of us to remain curious as a child. It also advocates for a healthier world.

A more aware world where consumers and producers start taking responsibility for the full product life cycle. To even think beyond their own life cycle. This is the reason why we made it PRIMAL's goal to make the most comfortable, natural and recyclable insoles easily accessible to everyone.

100% Recyclabe under eu regulations

PRIMAL Soles and Amorim Cork Composites have a contract pertaining to the shipment of Green List Waste, in accordance with the Regulation (EC) No 1013/2006 of the European Parliament. This means our products are certified and able to be fully recycled at our cork supply partners, Amorim in Portugal.

1% for the Planet

David EvenBy David Even

As of January 1st, 2023, Primal Soles has become a member of 1% for the Planet. We are extremely proud, humbled and excited to be part of this special group...

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Negative Carbon Balance

The Negative Carbon Balance seal certifies that, when taking into account the carbon sequestration of the cork oak forest, Amorim Cork Composites’ products sequester more CO₂ than is emitted during the production process. Studies indicate that for each ton of cork produced, the cork oak forest can sequester up to 73 tons of CO2, and thus helps to reduce Global Warming.

Shopify Planet Member

When shipping carriers transport goods between locations, the transportation methods release greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. A carbon offset process reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, so that increased greenhouse gases elsewhere have a 0 net impact.

FSC C153476

The Forest Stewardship Council A.C. is an international non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization established in 1993 that promotes responsible management of the world's forests via timber certification.

Life Cycle Assessment

Amorim Cork Composites commissioned EY to conduct Carbon Footprint and Life Cycle Assessment studies, which concluded that Footcork® Evolution enables carbon sequestration of up to -8.2kg CO2 / m2 when considering the carbon sequestration of the cork oak forest.

De-risking 1'000 hectares of endangered cork oak forest with rePLANET Wildlife

The world's largest cork oak forest, Maamora in Morocco, is under serious threat and has lost over 80% of its ecosystem. We plan to avoid further loss and uplift its biodiversity through the help of rePLANET and the issuance of carbon and biodiversity credits. This project is planned for Q3 2023.

maximum comfort | Minimal footprint

1% for the Planet

Award Winning shoe insoles


Made from natural Mediterranean cork


The Low Arch Bananas are the best cork insoles if you're looking to provide your feet with maximum comfort and support. Made from naturally regenerative Mediterranean cork, these easy slip-in shoe inserts offer an incredibly soft and squishy experience while still providing a secure grip and proper support. Experience instant relief from back, knee, and feet pain. These eco-friendly insoles are better for you and for the environment.

PRIMAL Soles® are sourced from natural Mediterranean cork. Sourced, handcrafted and recycled in Portugal. Designed along the Mediterranean. World's first 100% recyclable shoe insoles. Maximum Comfort. Minimal Footprint.

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See the bottom of each sole? That’s 100% recycled. That's what your used insoles will look like after returning for recycling. 

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