Selected Brand to Honor: Primal Soles

Selected Brand to Honor: Primal Soles

When we decided to launch our Brand to Honour podcast series, we knew from get-go that this would be a journey that we would take alongside influential individuals and brands who are shaking things up in their industry.

We are unveiling the most unique and authentic brands from around the world that have been flying under the radar. This week, meet PRIMAL Soles®.

Introducing PRIMAL Soles

The company mission is to halt the hundreds of millions of synthetic, non-recyclable insoles that end up in landfill debris by developing an innovative 100% sustainable products.

In this conversation, David Even, the Founder & CEO, walks us through his journey of discovering how can leave an impact on the future generations with PRIMAL Soles.

Reasons why PRIMAL Soles has been selected as one of the brands to be honored.

  • They are the world’s first 100% recyclable & circular shoe insoles made from natural cork.

  • They are committed to making the most comfortable, natural, and recyclable insoles available to everyone while remaining environmentally conscious.

  • They tackle climate change, desertification, and biodiversity by using naturally regenerated cork in their production processes.

  • By promoting the reuse and recycling of the insoles, they're setting a bright circularity example for brands all around the world.

  • The business has a social component, they are committed to reforest the cork forest.

In this discussion, we will cover:

  1. What inspired David to leave a legacy for the next generations and start PRIMAL Soles®.

  2. How the desire for taking the responsibility for the full products life cycle lead David to create the insoles made out of cork.

  3. The advantages that utilising cork insoles brings, not only to the foot but also to the environment.

  4. How PRIMAL Soles is taking steps towards circularity.

  5. A vision that goes beyond business: adopting a social component while also expanding of the cork forest.

  6. Customer satisfaction is PRIMAL Soles' top priority.


We hope you enjoyed the conversation as much as we did!

Find more about the PRIMAL Soles’ mission by visiting their website and enjoy their collection.

We look forward to introducing you to the next brand selected and exploring the profound mindset and visionary thinking that propelled them to unprecedented success..

Those products bravely challenge the status quo, shattering traditional norms and setting industry-leading standards. These remarkable brands create unforgettable customer experiences through innovation. They openly challenge the old way of doing things with innovative ideas.

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