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PRIMAL Soles are sourced from natural Mediterranean cork. The reason we decided to source cork is for its natural benefits. 

Cork is sustainable by Nature: sourced from the Mediterranean endemic cork oak tree, the Quercus suber, cork is harvested every nine years from the bark of the tree. A natural product that does not harm the tree and naturally regenerates its bark while reducing CO2. The cork is harvested by specialised professionals, always between May and August, when the tree is at its most active phase of growth and it is easier to strip without damaging the trunk. The cork oak is the only tree whose bark regenerates, acquiring a smoother texture following each harvest. Over the course of its lifetime, which on average lasts 200 years, it may be stripped around 17 times. Did you know that the cork tree actually improves its ability to take CO2 out of the atmosphere when regularly stripped of its bark over its 200 year lifetime?

  • Cork is Soft to the Touch: the natural texture of cork combines softness and flexibility to the touch to make it the ideal pillow for the feet while providing comfort and support
  • Cork provides Excellent Thermal Regulation: the air inside the abundance of cell membranes makes cork an excellent thermal regulator leading to low levels of thermal conductivity as compared to any other industrial or technological material
  • Cork is Naturally Anti-Bacterial: due to its suberin compound cork naturally repels small particles and resists toxin absorption and mold, making it the perfect material to remain odorless on the feet
  • Cork is Moisture Wicking: impermeable to liquids and gasses, cork does not absorb moisture such as sweat due to its suberin and ceroids contained in its cell walls, making it the perfect material to remain dry on the feet
  • Cork is Extremely Light: since cork consists for more than 90% out of air it makes it extremely lightweight, and due to its honeycomb structure of cells filled with an air-like gas, it is elastic, shock absorbent and resilient
  • Cork has High Impact Resistance: due to its honeycomb structure, cork has a high impact resistance as compared to other hard surfaces. Its resistance to impact or friction gives it a high friction coefficient

... and did you know cork is CO2 negative?


*No harm is done by harvesting cork bark from the cork oak tree, the Quercus suber. In fact, by removing the bark every natural cycle (nine years) it increases CO2 absorption while aiding the regenerative capabilities of the tree.


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