Life's short. Start moving on Clouds!

Life's short. Start moving on Clouds!

People asked me why I would post a banner of jeeps on LinkedIn - being the founder of Planet's first circular insoles and all. So I deleted it.


But then I thought: "why hide?" Nobody's perfect. I certainly am not. After all, our goal setting up PRIMAL Soles® has always been to inspire movement, exploration and travel while leaving our Planet in a better state than when we entered it. This is how we chose to define raison d'être. Why? Because we chose not to hide behind hypocrisy.


What has been very clear to me ever since I was a child is the special era of time we are currently living in. Times of relative peace, health and prosperity. Let's not forget opportunity, especially for minorities that have historically been out-marginalized. But these times of hope also come with a stark warning that we are responsible for the state of the Planet we will inevitably leave behind to our next generations.


And so we'd like to inspire to travel, to be curious, to be uncomfortable and to go out and see the beautiful wonders of our world. Before it's too late. Either because we will destroy the natural world as we know it, or, because we all have a finite time on this Earth of course. Nonetheless, we must understand in order to care. Therefore, we must travel and experience in order to heal.


Jeeps, airplanes, CO2 emissions; these are all modern day reality of the negative consequences of travel. It's hard to go around that reality and, although we have bright minds working on solutions, we must carry on with our duties. To end with Marcus Aurelius' quote: “Life is short - the fruit of this life is a good character and acts for the common good … Get busy with life's purpose, get active in your own rescue, and do it while you can."


📸 Jessica Racanelli

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