How to prevent sore feet this festival season

How to prevent sore feet this festival season

Summer is knocking! So we’re lacing up our favorite sneakers and preparing to head out to as many festivals as we can! But any seasoned festival-goer knows that sore feet can really ruin your carefree summer festival vibes. 

Festivals can cover multiple days of intense walking on uneven terrain. Often the terrain is wet and muddy. And we all know seeing all your favorite bands can take priority over showering, so cleanliness is an issue too. Conditions such as these can quickly lead to blisters, plantar fasciitis or even fungal infections. Definitely not what you want to be dealing with in your tent, while your friends are out having fun.

So how do we make sure we can sprint from concert to concert and dance until deep into the night? Well, with our tips and tricks to prevent sore feet this festival season, you’ll be in the front row in no time!

Tip #1: The right footwear

A lot of articles will tell you to choose comfortable shoes that are made for walking long distances. And to an extent, we’d agree. A supportive shoe can prevent many of the problems. The concern is that supportive shoes often look like this.



Probably not the ones you had in mind for your festival outfit. So in the very realistic scenario that your most fashionable shoes aren’t the most supportive ones, what can you do? Well, one way you can give your shoes a boost is by wearing the right shoe inserts with them. Much like the bass player from your favorite band, insoles are the invisible hero that supports the whole ensemble.

But even though insoles are rarely seen, the difference is definitely felt. A supportive shoe insert with the right amount of squish can change an uncomfortable wellie into something that you can actually walk around in for a weekend. So pad out your shoes and run to the front of the main stage with ease.

Tip #2: Keep your feet dry

All the support in the world won’t help if your feet can’t breathe. Failing to dry your feet from time to time increases your chances of getting blisters. Even worse, it can even lead to athlete’s foot, a contagious fungal infection, or even trench foot.  

Both of these conditions are difficult to treat and can seriously ruin your festival experience. But how to prevent it? Open shoes or even barefoot might seem to be an option, but this opens you up to the danger of scrapes and cuts in unhygienic circumstances. And who wants to walk around barefoot in a festival toilet block?

Instead, get that moisture out of there. In wet, muddy conditions, rubber wellies or other waterproof shoes can really keep your feet from getting waterlogged. Don’t forget to wear long socks, so the rubber doesn’t chafe your ankles.

We get it though, your old beat up Converse have served you well for a long time. And they look much more stylish than rubber boots. So if you do opt for more absorbent shoe wear, make sure you compensate by keeping your feet dry when your shoes are wet. 

We recommend a combination of merino wool socks and cork insoles. Both of these materials are incredibly moisture resistant, forming a protective layer between your shoe and your foot. By using the right gear, you can prevent nasty problems that would otherwise ruin your fun. Because you should be taking home fond memories, not medical conditions. 

Tip #3: Don’t wear new shoes

We all know the excitement of a brand-new pair of sneakers. But no matter how stylish they look, you shouldn’t wear brand-new shoes to a festival. Think about it, new shoes still have to adapt to your feet. And that process is harsh on your feet. This so-called, “walking in” period is already intense when you wear your shoes in your day-to-day life. But subjecting your body to 8 hours of it, while walking on uneven muddy terrain, is just asking for trouble.

Instead, make sure you either wear your old reliable sneakers with thin insoles, or at the very least buy your festival shoes 3 weeks in advance. And to be on the safe side, bring your old pair of shoes with you to the festival. That way, you can switch into them when you don’t need to be shining on the dance floor.

Tip #4: Don’t ignore blisters

Even if you follow all our tips, you might still run into the dreaded blister. Blisters are formed when your shoes rub against your skin repeatedly. Ignoring them can lead to increasing discomfort and even infections. So you probably want to avoid that. When either your skin or your shoe is wet, like during festivals, blisters happen much easier. So it would be easy to accept blisters as an inevitable part of festivals. But they don’t have to be.

Blisters usually happen at specific spots where the skin and shoe rub against each other most. By adding some cushioning there, you can prevent the blister from becoming worse.

Of course, an ounce of prevention trumps any amount of repair. And to keep blisters at bay for as long as possible, moisture wicking footwear that doesn’t rub against your skin is paramount. Soft woolen socks and natural shoe inserts are your best weapon against blisters. 

Wrap up

So there you have it. Wear the right footwear. Keep your feet dry. Don’t wear those brand-new shoes, and definitely keep an eye on any blisters. With these tips, you’ll be able to meet fellow souls all day, boogie into the late hours of the night and still walk to the coffee cart in the morning. At Primal Soles, we create cork shoe inserts that allow you to explore the world. By adding a layer of breathability and support, Primal Soles helps you to achieve the freedom you deserve this festival season. 

When we visit summer festivals, we are often reminded of the simple pleasures being close to nature can bring us. The smell of dewdrops on grass, or the crackle of a cozy campfire. It makes sense, then, that nature provides the best solution to explore these moments as well. Our insoles are 100% recyclable, and we make sure recycling them is effortless for you. So when you use them, you don’t have to give up on the “leave no trace” principle. Check out our collection here to discover the right shoe insert for you. And above all, have a great summer. You deserve it.

Support cork. And let cork support you.


Written by: Sanjay Ghosh

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