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- David Fayngor, US

"Awesome experience with Primal! Ordered a few soles to Los Angeles and they arrived promptly (and with fun stickers!). The soles fit well in my shoes and beyond beyond comfortable they actually protect my shoes from regular wear and tear. Just got a new pair of Tod’s and using Primal to support my step and keep my shoes looking new."

- Richard Cartwright, US

"Hey folks, I put the first of three pairs of Primal soles in a pair of timberlands. Nice people!! The bit of arch support is fantastic. With no socks the cushion is excellent. If they feel gr8 with no socks, they're money!! Look forward to the nxt kickstarter"

- Mirza Kajan, Germany

"As a sports teacher, I know what it means and how important it is to have good comfort in the shoe and how important insoles are. Primasoles are made of cork, are antibacterial and environmentally friendly. After a long search for the right insole, I finally found it. I will definitely recommend it to my students and athletes!"

- Odette Kouzou, Greece

"Amazing product! Ordered 3 and i will order more very soon for all my shoes! They are really comfortable and cool design, very creative and I love the fact that they are recyclable!"

- Jonas Kooyman, Netherlands

"Using insoles is one of these small life upgrades - suddenly you are walking and standing so much more comfy. That's why I'm so happy I discovered Primal Soles! Would absolutely recommend this sustainable brand. Also loving the design of the package :)"

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