The magic number of 10.000 steps

The magic number of 10.000 steps

It’s been years that we’ve been hearing about the 10.000 steps golden number.

For some people it’s easy and for others it’s an unattainable dream (or at least it was for me a few years ago with a 9-8 office job).

Some sources state that 10.000 comes from 1960’s Japan and the launch of a mass-produced pedometer whose name literally translated to «10.000 steps meter».

The point is 10.000 steps is a philosophy and a lifestyle, not a one-day hit. And the actual number on your step-counting mobile app doesn't matter that much at the end of the day.

Walking and having an active lifestyle is more than just looking fit. While this might be a sound motivator, walking has so many benefits on our heart health, sleep quality, mental health and ultimately quality of life.

It’s quite unrealistic to try and hit 10.000 steps a day right away. What’s important is understanding it matters and, by assessing your current level of activity, work on improving.

Small increases on your baseline will be more sustainable than a rush of motivation to walk around the whole city one day. The average person already walks around 5.000 steps a day so adding 1.000 or even 2.000 more can have a significant impact.

Try and make it part of your life, whether it's walking 10 minutes in the morning, taking the stairs (yes you’ve read that 100 times already) or just walking when you talk on the phone. Small changes add up over time (for more on this read Atomic Habits by James Clear).

Our favorite ways to get more steps in are: 

  • Running
  • Walking through our city’s parks
  • Long dog walks on the beach or the forest
  • Walking to a new coffee place on the weekend

Walking is a way of life. With the right shoes, support (yes, we mean insoles) and company, it can quickly become one of the favorite parts of your life (and considerable improve it in the process).

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