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Support your walk: meet the first 100% recyclable shoe insoles


Each day we learn more and more about the impact of fast fashion on our planet. Primal Soles proposes us to face this by taking care of ourselves and planting differently with the first 100% recyclable insoles on the planet.


Although many times we use insoles for medical reasons, the truth is that we change footwear very often due to fashion purchases and cheap options in megastores.

Fast fashion continues to advance by leaps and bounds. 92 million tons of garments, as estimated, end up in landfill. This fashion for waste is worrisome, mainly because many of the threads used in the fabrics have a synthetic base, that is to say… plastic. And sadly, insoles are almost always included in that group. 


We all know that change begins at home. But there are people who feel the need to create collective solutions. That’s the case for Primal Soles inventors. As they say, these are the planet’s first 100% recyclable, circular and sustainable shoe insoles made from natural cork


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