How I Cured My Morton’s Neuroma

How I Cured My Morton’s Neuroma

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I know how painful Morton’s neuroma can be. After all. I, personally, suffered from it for years. For those of you who don’t know, I’ll explain what it is.

Morton's neuroma is basically when the nerve between your toes, usually between the third and fourth ones, gets thicker. It looks like a small lump in your foot that can be pretty painful when you press on it or wear tight shoes. It felt like stepping on something sharp or like my sock was all bunched up in my shoe. People often get it from wearing tight shoes a lot, especially high heels. 

So it was a pretty painful experience. And to worsen it, the doctor said that if I didn’t treat it, I would need surgery. He recommended that I stop wearing heels, which I did. But it really bummed me out because I love wearing heels. And even though it helped a bit, my Morton’s neuroma was still bothering me.

I tried everything. New shoes, physical therapy. But nothing really did the trick. So after a year of pain, I decided that I would need to take control of my condition and try out all the options. And then I finally found a combination that got rid of my Morton’s neuroma. And I’m more than happy to share it with you. Let’s take a deep breath and dive right in.

First Steps

So the first thing I did, was to start simple foot exercises. These were all things I could do at home, like toe curls, arch lifts and foot rolls. It only took me 10 minutes a day. Totally worth it. I didn’t just stretch my feet. Stretching my calves helped a lot, since tight calves can cause Morton’s neuroma. The exercises in this video helped me a lot in the beginning. I hope they’ll help you too!



Secondly, I bought a new pair of shoes. The doctor said shoes with a narrow toe box are the culprit. Apparently, the toes lose range of motion and this causes the problem. So I bought a pair of nice, roomy shoes, with a wide toe box instead. I also made sure they were well-cushioned and had a low heel.

Thirdly, I bought a pair of these. They’re a toe spreader that I can wear inside my shoes. The idea is that they prevent my toes from being mashed together, but they’re not the most comfortable for long periods of time. Still, when I’m walking around the house garden or to the supermarket, it feels like they realign my foot.

Finally, I started icing my feet in the morning and in the evening. I’m on my feet a lot for work, so after a long day they can get swollen. And I have the same issue in the morning. By putting some ice on them twice a day, this swelling is reduced. Not to mention, it feels amazing on hot days.

The most important step

By far the best thing I did to cure my Morton’s neuroma, was buying a pair of Primal Soles. I tried out a few, but Primal Soles were the first ones that really made a difference. Here are a few things I like about them:

    • They’re incredibly soft: Wearing Primal Soles, for the first time, felt like walking on clouds. Since they’re made of cork, they molded to my foot in no-time at all and immediately alleviated my pain.
    • They’re natural: A lot of the other options I tried were made of synthetic material. I prefer using natural products whenever possible. I didn’t think an organic insole existed, but Primal Soles are made of natural cork. The best thing is that they’re fully recyclable, so I can feel more comfortable without harming nature.
    • They’re supportive: Primal Soles give me extra arch support, even with my higher than average arches. This means my weight feels much more evenly distributed across my whole foot. People who suffer from Morton’s neuroma are more likely to develop plantar fasciitis. And Primal Soles protect against both. 
    • They’re thermally regulating: Synthetic insoles sometimes gave me relief, but my foot felt suffocated. Primal Soles are breathable, so it doesn’t feel like my feet are stuck in a plastic bag. This also means bacteria have a difficult time surviving, which is a good thing for anyone.
Side view of Primal Sole. Words on the picture are Thermal Regulation, Moisture Wicking, High Impact Resistance, Anti-Bacterial, Extremely Light, Comfortable & Soft

Lifestyle Changes

In addition to Primal Soles, I made some lifestyle changes that also helped with my Morton’s neuroma. I’ll be honest, I do wear my heels sometimes, but not as often as before. Since I bought Primal Soles, I’ve found that I don’t need to cut them completely from my life. A big factor in Morton’s neuroma is stress. So I’ve started cycling more, and I go for long walks in nature to stay stress-free. 

Since my Morton neuroma’s all but gone, I’m back to enjoying walking and hiking outside. So I even got some hobbies in the bargain.


If you’re having trouble with Morton’s neuroma, I hope my story helps you. I’d strongly recommend trying some of the remedies I listed here. Most of all, try Primal Soles. I can’t overstate how much they helped me. They’re very supportive and come with funky designs. And since they are made of cork, using them actually removes more CO2 from the environment than it creates.*

Of course, everyone’s feet are different. And it took me quite a while to figure out what works. So stick with it and be patient while you look for the solution that works for you. But I’m sure that if you keep positive, you’ll get rid of your Morton’s neuroma.

* Note from Primal Soles: It’s true. Cork is harvested by removing the bark of the cork oak tree. Once we remove it, the tree grows a new bark over the course of a few years. This process captures so much CO2, that it more than offsets the CO2 we create when we make the insoles. So by using Primal Soles, you’re investing in a greener planet.

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