Primal Slippers Sustainable Circular Hotel Slippers

Primal Slippers: Planet's First Circular Hotel Slippers

At this year's World Economic Forum, hosted in the Swiss mountain village of Davos from January 15-19, the team from Primal actively engaged in the SDG Tent, delivering presentations and contributing to various sessions.

On Monday, as part of the Financial Times and InTent for Change's discussion on Responsible Business Education, David Even, the Founder of Primal Soles, was invited to address the audience in his capacity as the previous year's recipient of the esteemed accolade for the most impactful student-led project affecting society and the environment.

Primal Slippers at SDG Tent in Davos during WEF

On Monday, January 15th, 2024, Primal proudly unveiled the world's inaugural fully circular hotel slippers, marking a significant milestone in sustainable hospitality. These innovative, nature-positive slippers represent Primal's dedicated response to the escalating landfill crisis adversely impacting our environment. The initiative aims to address the persistent challenges posed by single-use, disposable, and synthetic hotel slippers, providing a pioneering solution that aligns with sustainability principles.

While numerous eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable alternatives exist in the market, Primal distinguishes itself by introducing a genuinely circular model. Unlike other alternatives, these slippers undergo a comprehensive life cycle that prioritizes sustainability at every stage. Primal collaborated with industry experts, industrial designers, orthopedic professionals, and progressive sustainability thought leaders to meticulously craft a product that not only meets high-quality standards but also adheres to a closed-loop system.

This groundbreaking achievement reflects Primal's commitment to environmental stewardship and underscores the necessity for circularity in addressing waste issues. The company's dedication to transparency sets a new standard within the industry, offering both a solution to the prevailing problem and a model for others to follow in fostering sustainable practices.

Primal Slippers at SDG Tent in Davos during WEF

Circular hotel slippers represent a novel approach to single-use hotel footwear by incorporating a recyclable and reusable design. The economic aspect of this circularity is realized through the monetization of waste, assigning a tangible value to the used material due to its potential for reutilization. Primal Slippers exemplify this circular model, underscoring their commitment to sustainability.

Notably, Primal Slippers go beyond circularity; they are carbon-negative owing to their primary constituent—cork. Beyond offering exceptional comfort to users, cork stands out as an exceptionally environmentally friendly material. Each ton of cork produced contributes to the sequestration of 73 tons of CO2 by the cork oak tree. This intrinsic quality renders the utilization of cork in Primal Slippers a remarkably carbon-negative endeavor, aligning with the imperative to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and foster ecologically responsible product choices.

Primal Slippers Sustainable Circular Cork Hotel Slippers

Primal's team frequently addresses inquiries regarding the sustainability of cork sourcing and the potential impact on cork oak trees in the event of widespread adoption of Primal Slippers by hotels. The unequivocal response is that there is no risk of cork shortage, and the harvesting process is inherently environmentally friendly.

Cork, sourced for Primal Slippers, is derived from the bark of the cork oak tree in a methodical and nature-friendly manner. The extraction occurs once every nine years through a manual process that is non-invasive and ensures the tree remains unharmed. Remarkably, the act of stripping the bark enhances the regenerative capabilities of the cork oak tree. This, in turn, promotes the growth of more substantial cork layers, allowing the tree to sequester additional carbon from the atmosphere.

The advantages extend beyond sustainability to the preservation of biodiversity. Supporting the demand for cork contributes to the preservation of cork oak forests, recognized as one of the 36 remaining biodiversity hotspots on Earth. These ecosystems are home to over 200 animal and 135 plant species, many of which are endemic to the Mediterranean basin. By fostering a continuous supply of cork, the utilization of Primal Slippers plays a pivotal role in maintaining the delicate balance of this biodiverse ecosystem.

For an in-depth exploration of Primal's commitment to sustainability and the intricate dynamics of cork sourcing, a documentary premiering at Davos will be available on February 23rd, offering further insights and perspectives.

Primal Slippers Circular Cork Hotel Slippers

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