our mission

Every year over a hundred million non-recyclable synthetic insoles end up on landfill waste, lasting for generations. Our Mission is to reduce this waste by offering you a 100% Recyclable Alternative.

Our Promise.

We will take back your used insoles. We will recycle and reuse them. That is our idea of responsibility. That is our idea of circularity. That is our promise.

Our Story.

PRIMAL Soles promotes movement, travel, exploration, the primal urge deep inside all of us to remain curious as a child. It also advocates for a healthier world. A more aware world where consumers and producers start taking more responsibility over the entire product life-cycle. This is the reason why we made it PRIMAL's goal to make the most comfortable, natural and recyclable insoles easily accessible to everyone. Because we believe that everybody deserves to move with comfort.

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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