Oatmilk Elites
Oatmilk Elites
Oatmilk Elites
Oatmilk Elites
Oatmilk Elites
Oatmilk Elites
Oatmilk Elites
Oatmilk Elites
Oatmilk Elites
Oatmilk Elites

Oatmilk Elites

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The Oatmilk Elites Limited Edition are the perfect blend between soft comfort and high arch support. They make for an excellent supportive insole in your everyday, office or dress shoes. Made from recycled cork+foam mix bottom layer, an anti-bacterial recycled central layer, and natural cork top layer. By utilizing FootCork® Evolution Technology we ensure that your PRIMAL Soles® provide:

  • Ultimate Comfort
  • Extremely Light
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Thermal Regulated


PRIMAL Soles® are sourced from natural Mediterranean cork. Sourced, handcrafted and recycled in Portugal. Designed along the Mediterranean. World's first 100% recyclable shoe insoles. Maximum Comfort. Minimal Footprint.

☁️ Light as a cloud
🌱 100% Recyclable
🚛 Global Shipping & Returns

See the bottom of each sole? That’s 100% recycled. That's what your used insoles will look like after returning for recycling. 

- Maximilian Elefson, Sweden

"There insoles have made an uncomfortable pair of shoes comfortable!! I really feel the difference in my feet. I also have been trying to cut back on buying plastics, and these make me feel mor conscious about the environment."

- Sabrina Bösch, Portugal

"Love this product, it keeps your feet really dry and free of smell - I’m wearing so many more shoes this summer because of these soles. Also love the design and quality - overall really good value for money!"

- Carlos Chávez, Ireland

"I put my Primal Soles in my Nike sneakers and I feel I have new shoes! Feels good to have the extra cushion on the heel. Being recyclable is also a huge plus!"

- Fabio Perini, Italy

"My experience with primal soles is super positive: excellent quality and very comfortable products, easy to fit with any pair of shoes. I think the price/quality ratio is very fair."

- Émile Tsourapas, Switzerland

"I realised how bad my shoes support was before using Primal! Not only I love the branding but it actually helped my daily walking routine! Went for a 3day festival, forgot to wear them the first day, instantly put them in my pair of shoes the other two and the difference was huge!!"

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